Training courses like corporate and specifically aimed at AIX users, AIX Developers and AIX System Administrators are mandatory for the successful use of AIX systems.

Zenith works with great transparency, honesty and integrity. Our outstanding knowledge, enthusiasm and motivational skills keep clients updated with latest professional equations and encourage them to execute their potential up to fullest. Zenith is one of the established new dynamics in corporate training in India. The long term and effective corporate mantras of Zenith's helped many organizations get the competitive edge over others, which proves to be one of the best corporate training in India. The training sessions are conducted as per the client's requirement. And we offers a range of courses from our AIX schedule covering the specifics of AIX,including AIX system specific administration training courses.On the Zenith AIX Fundamentals course each delegate has a dedicated workstation with access to an AIX server. Delegates attending the AIX System Administration - Part I training course or the AIX System Administration - Part II training course will have use of an AIX server for the duration of the training course.With a wealth of AIX experience, Zenith's AIX training team has the skills and experience to modify or tailor any of our AIX training courses for delivery on your premises. If required, Zenith can provide the necessary AIX hardware and software for AIX training courses taking place on your premises.